Motorized hanging kit with top camera support for Alphashot XL v2 family

2.250,00 excl BTW
2.722,50 incl BTW

Top camera support with opening through a motorized hanging kit, equipped with magnetic fixtures to suspend object such as handbags, tall shoes, uneven objects etc. Rotation of the ring is precisely synchronized with the XL turntable movement. Equipped with elevated top camera support (crane) and a large top opening allows capturing objects of different heights ranging from flat to as high as 70 cm.

Compatible with: Alphashot XL v2 family

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Features: elevated top camera position to photograph higher objects, built-in magnetic nylon wire hangers, movement synchronized with turntable, quick camera release system, built-in industrial USB hub to connect camera, optional motorized zoom (234A50). Typical use: photography of flat items such as tiles, fabrics, child fashion, top view photography of various items: electronics, shoes, dishware, etc. Inside product photography: bags, shoes, etc. Suspended 360° view of handbags. 360° vertical shoe photography.