Anti reflection kit 3.0 for Alphashot XL PRO v2 / Alphashot XL WINE v2

395,00 excl BTW
477,95 incl BTW

Anti reflection kit is designed to reduce unwanted reflections inside ALPHASHOT XL and to soften lighting. Essential add-on to photograph highly glossy objects. Can be setup in two configurations for small or large items. It extends lighting options of already exceptionally versatile XL device.

Compatible with: Alphashot XL PRO v2 and Alphashot XL WINE v2

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Features: helps to photograph highly glossy objects, reduces unwanted reflections, softens lights, two configurations for smaller and larger products, angle and position adjustable diffusers for small item configuration, lamp extensions for large item configuration. Typical use: reflective product (bottles, glass) or products requiring soft light. Note: Not compatible with Alphashot XL LED.